Audubon Sanctuary

Protecting the Environment is Paramount at Wilderness

Wilderness Country Club has been a certified member of the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program (ACSP) for over 20 consecutive years.  At Wilderness, achieving certification from the ACSP is a constant focus to maintain the highest standards for environmental management of its beautiful golf course.  By enhancing and protecting natural resources and wildlife habitats, the benefits of a healthier environment directly carry over to the Wilderness community where each condominium offers sweeping views of the golf course.

To attain certification as a designated ACSP, Golf Course Best Management Practices must be carefully followed.  Some examples include;

  • Planting an abundance of aquatic species and maintaining a 2.5-inch grass buffer around all ponds to help keep the water clean from run-off fertilizers and provide a habitat for wildlife.
  • Removing invasive, non-native plants, such as potato vines and carrot woods, to ensure that native plants can thrive and provide nesting areas for wildlife.
  • Paying careful attention to water management, such as adjusting irrigation sprinklers and hand watering to preserve water usage. An on-property weather station communicates excessive rain (> ¼ inch) to an irrigation computer to automatically shut off sprinklers that over time can save millions of gallons of water, a key to environmental sustainability.
  • Maintaining some dead trees that are not a safety hazard to provide a natural habitat for woodpeckers, owls and other wildlife.
  • Eliminating chemical drift and run-off by not applying chemicals during high winds or before a heavy rainfall.

Protecting the environment is such an important commitment at Wilderness that an Audubon Committee was formed many years ago. The committee helps to ensure environmental goals are attained and provides educational information and wildlife tours during seasonal months for members to enjoy and learn more about the natural habitat that surrounds them. 

CLICK HERE to view some photos of the beautiful birds and other wildlife that thrive at Wilderness Country Club.