Wilderness Country Club FORUM was initiated in 2006 with the objectives of learning about a portion of our member’s life, bringing our friendly community even closer together and having fun doing it.

We have achieved those objectives and more. Our monthly programs have brought us a wonderful appreciation for the quality and breadth of our community. We were particularly proud of the 2011 & 12 season, when five of the six speakers were women. To date, over fifty programs have been held, with 4,200 members in attendance.

By design, our speakers come from within the membership and selected siblings. They are a fascinating blend of talented individuals that help make our world work. The following will summarize it and help you put our Club into perspective.

Mayo Board Member, a Professor of Surgery @ Georgetown, a Professor of Pediatrics @ Cornell & Professor of Pediatrics at University of MN
A Doctor/Author & Banjo player
A Doctor & Clinic Founder in native Thailand
From a Doctor to Founding Chairman of MN's Health Care Cost Commission
Career Long Emergency Physician & Performing Musician
US District Federal Judge, a Noted Trial Attorney
A Panel of Engineers who attended G. Washington Law School and went into the Patent World
Corporate CEO’s, VP in Morgan Stanley & Photographer, a Labor Relations Exec @ Ford
Former Vice Chairman & CFO of Wyeth & Current Golf Club Champion
US Steel Executive, Small Business Founders
Presidents & Owners, College President
Historian - “Naples in the 60’s”, Wife, Mom & Grand Mom
Premier from Newfoundland + Labrador & Historian
CPA, Treasurer of Hormel Foundation & recent President of Wilderness Country Club
Army General & Commandant at West Point, a WWII P.O.W in Germany
Naval Officer who flew in both WW II & Korea, WWII Army Pilot who became a GE VP
A Carrier Pilot who became a VP at GM
WW II War Child turned Author/ Photographer/Artist/Wife
Minister - also a Marine, a US Army Nurse & valuable Volunteer
Pulitzer Prize winner and WSJ Bureau Chief, a UPI Bureau Chief/Author
An Author of 15 Books, Musician & Mom
A Teacher, author, owner, professional soccer team and Chico's enterpreneur
A Businessman turned Author
World Famous Organist & Producer of “Joy of Music” 
Top Harpist & Professor of Music @ Indiana University
An Audubon Conservation Award Winner from NJ
A farmer’s son who became a Senior Executive at Pete Marwick & Mitchel and who flew Airshows as a hobby
A U.S. Congressman
White House Staff leader, a State Legislator serving many terms
A leading lobbyist in Washington DC
Rudy Giuliani’s primary Speech Writer
Owner of Physical Therapy Facilities who has been a Major League Trainer
NFL player & cancer survivor who became a motivational speaker
A panel of our famous Golf Course Architect, President of Land Planning Firm and Wilderness First Golf Pro
US Military Academy Graduate who found his way into the Ladies' Fashion Industry
An IBM Executive who founded & directs FORUM